Hard to believe it is almost September…

By popular demand, September’s Virtual Tasting will be Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2006. Several people had suggested this wine at August’s Virtual Tasting. It is an excellent choice as it is an interesting wine that is reasonably priced and is widely available.

Tamarack Cellars is located in the airport area in Walla Walla, Washington. The winery is in its tenth year. Winemaker and general manager Ron Coleman has an excellent lineup of wines that includes a Cabernet, a Merlot, a Syrah, a Sangiovese, a Cab Franc, and several red blends. Tamarack’s Sangiovese is one of the better ones coming out of Washington state. The Cab Franc, difficult to find outside of the winery, is also consistently exceptional.

Tamarack’s Firehouse Red is a kitchen sink wine that includes a lot of different grapes from a lot of different vineyards. This wine receives a wide distribution and can often be found in grocery stores as well as wine stores. As usual, you can also order this wine direct from the winery.

Based on feedback, I will also be giving people a bit more time to buy and try the wine. September’s Virtual tasting will take place on Monday, September 22nd. I will be opening the wine up at about 7pm and will look to get my notes up by 9pm. I will be pulling a few friends together to taste the wine with me and would encourage you to do the same. As always, once I get my notes up, please post yours as well. I look forward to hearing what you think of the wine.