Each month I will review five wines in the so called “value” category of fifteen dollars or under.

Of the wines sampled this month, I did not find any stunners. Perhaps my favorite of the group was the Washington Hills Rainier Red. This is a non-vintage wine that is predominantly composed of Cabernet Franc. The especially appealing aspect of this wine to me was that I bought it for under six dollars. With my expectations appropriately lowered, I thought this wine over-performed. While not by any means a complex or overly interesting, it was well put together. This would be a great wine for pouring at BBQ’s. It is a true quaffer.

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Hogue Cellars Genesis Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2005

A strong nose marked by coffee grounds, black pepper, earth, and boysenberry aromas. The nose is at times interesting and at times almost a bit off-putting. On the taste, it is a nice, even, medium-bodied wine with a good finish. Smooth tannins round out the back end. Consider if on sale. 81% Cabernet; 9% Cab Franc; 7% Merlot; 2% Syrah; 1% Lemberger.



Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Don’t particularly care for the nose on which a smoky aroma is predominant. Not bad but not my style. Fairly light in color. Taste is very fruity but well put together. A decent wine for the money overall.



Washington Hills Rainier Red NV

Nose is marked by sour cherry and cranberry. Opens up and expands nicely on the palate. This is an inoffensive, easy-drinking wine that is straight down the fairway. Surprisingly good for the money. A good BBQ swiller. 41.5% Cab Franc; 39.5 % Cabernet; 10.6% Syrah; 6% Pinot Noir; 2.2% Merlot. Recommended.



Three Rivers River’s Red 2006

A green, stemmy, off-putting nose, also marked by some type ripe berry and mineral notes. The taste is decent but not much there on the mid-palate or finish. Fairly light bodied. 48% Syrah; 23% Cabernet; 18% Cab Franc; 9% Malbec; 2% Petit Verdot.



Canoe Ridge Trout Trilogy 2004

Slightly brownish in color, as if a much older wine. Blackberry, a touch of spice, and traces of chocolate on an overall good nose. Too much alcohol on the finish.