Summary: As you may know, Port, the dog whose picture adorns Dunham’s Three Legged Red label, passed away recently (see Walla Walla Wine News.) Port was one of the many dogs featured in the book Winery Dogs of Walla Walla.

As the story goes, in 1994 winemaker Eric Dunham saw a small animal across from his house being attacked by a pit bull. The animal turned out to be a puppy. The puppy survived the attack but lost a leg on the starboard side leaving two on the port side. Dunham so named the dog Port. Port could frequently be seen at or about Dunham’s winery.

While the dog is gone, the wine named in his honor remains.







Dunham Three Legged Red 2006

A rich nose with coffee, black fruit, and black pepper. An almost earthy quality to the nose. A good full taste, marked by blackberry and chocolate, with pleasing tannins on the back end. Some may find it over-oaked. I didn’t. A very good wine for the money. If it is on sale, it’s a steal.