In May of 2007, Lance Baer – founder of Baer Winery – unexpectedly passed away at age 39. Recently, I had the opportunity to sample the 2004 releases from this winery.







Baer Arctos 2004

Light black pepper and spicy plum aromas with touches of blackberry syrup. A good, although fairly subtle nose. Up front on the palate with smooth tannins on the back end and finish. 45% Cabernet; 30% Petit Verdot; 9% Cab Franc; 8% Merlot; 8% Malbec.



Baer Ursa 2004

Blueberry and other blue fruit with traces of spice, chocolate, and espresso. Spice becomes bolder as the wine opens up. Very well balanced on the palate with silky tannins and a good finish. 47% Merlot; 40% Cab Franc; 8% Cabernet; 5% Malbec.