Summary: H3 is a new label launched by Columbia Crest. The name stands for Horse Heaven Hills, one of the new appellations in Washington state. Indian Wells is a vineyard on the Wahluke Slope – another new appellation. These three wines are all good value wines. The final wine listed, Col Solare, is a collaboration of Chateau Ste. Michelle and Italian winemaker Marchese Antinori. The winery recently built a multi-million dollar facility on Red Mountain.







Columbia Crest H3 Merlot 2005

Strong vanilla and oak. Smooth. Good, full table wine. Some might say over the top.



Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon

A little earthy. Black pepper. Lighter on the palette. A little oaky. Good.



Ch Ste Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Good. Well made. A little Bordeaux quality to it. Spice. Vanilla. Not overwhelming but quite good.



Col Solare 2004

Spice. Chocolate. A little smoky. A little earthy. Beautiful, rich nose. Good finish.