Wine Rating System

All wines are rated as follows:


An exceptional wine. Buy it now and either tell all your friends about it or keep it very, very secret, depending on your personality and availability.


An excellent wine. Convince a friend to buy some and share it with you.


A good wine. Worth drinking. If it represents a particular value I will list it as Recommended.


A decent wine. Drink it if you must.


A flawed wine. Refuse this wine if served.

This is a deliberate departure from the popular, but somewhat harmful, 100 point system. For you addicts out there, the (rough) correspondence to the 100 point system is: ** (92-100); * (89-91); + (86-88); . (80-85); - (< 79).

Sean P. Sullivan

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  1. How do you factor price in your ratings?

  2. Janet, I don't. Wines are rated irrespective of price. If a wine represents a particular value and is rated as a '+' I list it as recommended.


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