As promised last fall, I have moved Northwest Wine Report to a new platform. Many things will look the same, but I have also done some streamlining and reorganizing.

Among them, the site now has several new sections. Sections on the main menu are:


Home – A location where all articles are contained.

News – A subsection that includes news stories about the Pacific Northwest wine industry.

Features – A subsection that includes feature-length articles about wineries, wine regions, winemakers, growers, and the like.

Opinion – A subsection that contains opinion articles.

Reviews – A subsection for published reviews.

Submissions – This section includes information about submitting wines, the rating system I use, how I sample wines, interpreting scores, and information about closure type listings at the end of reviews. It also includes a compilation of articles I have written about cork taint.

About – This contains an updated ‘About’ section, a statement of ethics, a list of publications, and a list of past appearances.

You can see the revised site here.

In addition to these changes, as I mentioned last fall, Northwest Wine Report will in the very near term be moving to a partial subscription-based site. Specifically, wine reviews, a web-searchable database of reviews, and certain other content will soon be behind a paywall.

Most content beyond those items will remain freely available. Wineries will not need to subscribe to receive or use reviews. I will publish additional details about subscriptions in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.