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Corliss Estates – The best of both worlds for the wine consumer

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Reminder: December’s Virtual Tasting will take place on Wednesday December 29th from 7-8pm Pacific Time. Read more about it here.It seems almost impossible to believe that Corliss Estates is now finishing its tenth year. The winery spent much of this time below periscope depth. The first two vintages were made and discarded when they did Read more...

Meet expectations? Beat expectations. Walla Walla’s Tranche Cellars

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Reminder that April’s Virtual Tasting will be the 2009 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling. The tasting will take place on Wednesday April 28th from 7-9pm. Read more about it here.Creating an excellent $70 bottle of wine may not necessarily be easy, but it’s significantly easier than creating a wine of similarly high quality at Read more...

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