2019 – The Year in Washington Wine

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The following is excerpted from the Winter 2019/2020 issue of Washington Tasting Room Magazine. Pét-Nat wines, a record breaking number of wineries, and increased white wine production in Walla Walla Valley are among the trends impacting the local wine scene All growing seasons are unique, but are some more unique than others? Temperatures during 2019 were Read more...

Should Typicity Be Important When Evaluating Wine?

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I recently noted when I posted about how I taste wines for review at Wine Enthusiast that I take typicity into consideration. Typicity - in French, typicité - is a combination of varietal and, to some extent, regional correctness. For example, how much does a Merlot taste like a typical Merlot? How much does it taste like Read more...

Bainbridge Vineyards leads the way in western Washington (December Wine Enthusiast Reviews)

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Below are my Wine Enthusiast reviews for December 2019. Wines are listed alphabetically by winery. Read information on how I review wines here. Read about the Wine Enthusiast rating system here. Read about how to interpret my scores here. All of these reviews are freely available on-line at the Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide. See previous Wine Enthusiast reviews re-published in this space here. Search Wine Enthusiast's on-line database here. Read Read more...

The Women Behind Some of Washington’s Best Grapevines

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The following article appeared in Wine Enthusiast November 18, 2019 While women are underrepresented in the winemaking ranks in Washington, the country’s second-largest wine-producing state, the story is quite different when it comes to its vineyards. Women manage some of Washington’s premier sites, where they oversee the production of grapes that go to hundreds of Read more...

How I taste wines for review at Wine Enthusiast

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As part of my blog redesign, I have added more information about how I taste and review wines at Wine Enthusiast. Please note that this does not represent any change in practices. Rather, it is a further explanation of the practices I have been using since I became a contributing editor at the magazine in 2013. Read more...

Blog redesign

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Folks, I have redesigned my blog page. Please give it a look when you get a moment and let me know if you have any issues. Also, I will be posting in the following days some of the updated information that is contained in the navigation menus. Enjoy!

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